Our mission is simple: Refurbish, Recycle, Return

The MacRecycleClinic (MRC) is a 501(c)3 non- profit service organization in Silver Spring, Md. We refurbish and recycle newer (Intel-based machines that can run at least OS 10.11) Macintosh computers back into the community. We also hold a Monday night clinic for Mac owners weekly.

In-warranty (AppleCare) machines should be taken to Apple or a local Mac retailer for repairs.

MacRecycleClinic has its roots in the old Tuesday Night Clinic offered for many years by Washington Apple Pi (Apple/Mac Users Group) when it had an office in Rockville, Md. We are our own organization now but are deeply committed to refurbishing/recycling donated computers and helping Mac users get the most out of their machines.

We meet Monday nights from 7 p.m.to 9 p.m. at the Four Corners campus of Silver Spring United Methodist Church (formally Marvin Memorial United Methodist Church) across from Montgomery Blair High School. Please park on the Blair (University Blvd.) side of the church. This is the larger of the two church parking lots.

The physical address is 33 University Boulevard East, Silver Spring, MD 20901.

Inquiries may be made through the “Contact Us” page or at 301-593-4004 (Please leave a message).



  • Refurbishment of donated 2010+ Intel-based Macintosh computers and donation by referral to students, families, veterans in need and non-profit organizations;
  • Refurbished computers have a new Mac OS installed and software that will let the user surf the Internet, send and receive email, have access to business applications and more.
  • Recycling of all computer equipment that can’t be refurbished for reuse;
  • Sale of refurbished Intel-based Macintosh computers;
  • Diagnosis and repair of out-of-warranty Macintosh computers for a donation;
  • Support for Macintosh users who have questions or need minor instruction for a donation. We do not teach classes or offer extended training services.
  • Support for owners of older Macs or Apple II or Apple /// computers as possible.

Are you a PC owner? Capital PC Users Group / Project Reboot offers PCs for donation/ sale and other services.