The MacRecycleClinic is a 501(c)3 non-profit organized to accept donations of Intel CPU Macintosh computers from individuals and organizations. We work to refurbish those computers and return them to the community.

Chance Academy

Mac Towers donated to Chance Academy of Washington, D.C.

We donate computers by referral to:

  • Students;
  • Individuals who can’t afford a computer;
  • Families;
  • Veterans in need and
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Who offers referrals? High school guidance counselors or other official, church, non-profit, local, county, state or even federal government agency.

We can not take requests for computers directly from individuals.

We also sell refurbished Macs as we are able to help us continue our mission.

In addition, the clinic offers the technical expertise of its volunteers to the community through a Macintosh Community Clinic which is held most Monday evenings at 33 University Boulevard East in Silver Spring. Volunteers strives to answer all Macintosh and Apple II/III related questions and assists individuals and families to maintain their computer(s) that are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Note: If your Mac is still under warranty, we can assess the situation and offer guidance should you need to take it in to Apple or an Apple retailer for service.

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 1111
Macsville, VA 20118-1111

Our Monday Night Clinic is held at:

Silver Spring United Methodist Church
Four Corners Campus
33 Blvd. East
Silver Spring, Md. 20901