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  4. What happens with donated Macs?

About the Mac Recycle Clinic non-profit:

If you have an Intel Macintosh to donate to our recycling effort, we ask that you call ahead of time or send us an email with info on what you have to donate. We only accept donations during our Monday Clinic or by appointment.

Older Macs, printers or other computer equipment should be taken to the Montgomery County Transfer Station. We are unable to do this for you.

Contact Info:

Please use our “Contact Us” page for any questions you might have.

Phone: 301-593-4004. (Note we generally are only able to answer phone inquiries on Monday evenings.)

What happens with donated Macs?:

Macs that are donated to us are thoroughly checked and cleaned. Hard drives are securely wiped of all data and an appropriate version of the Mac OS is installed. If the machine can not be made to work we will take out any reusable parts hard drives, memory, batteries, sometimes the power supplies and optical drives and send the hulk to Montgomery County’s Processing Facility and Transfer Station the closest county recycling center to us.

If you have an old printer or a PC that you wish to recycle, please take it to the Transfer Station.