Donated Macs

  1. How does someone qualify to receive a refurbishd Mac?
  2. What happens with donated Macs?
  3. Who pays for the parts and shipping?
  4. Have other questions?

How does someone qualify to receive a refurbished Mac?

We don’t take requests from individuals for computers but rely on referrals. We will almost always make contact with the individual or family that has been recommended to make sure that they are interested and to get some basic information so that we can best configure the computer to their needs. We can not supply an Internet connection or provide more than basic training, so recipients must be interested in learning how to use a Macintosh. A thank you letter is requested so we have something to put in our records.

Referrals should go to our mailing address or through the “Contact Us page. A call to our office or email will always get things started. If a non-profit is looking for computers, we ask for a formal letter of request that we can keep in our files. As a 501(c)3, we have to keep good records for the state of Maryland and the IRS.

What happens with donated Macs?

imagePlease know that the Macs that are donated to us are thoroughly checked and cleaned. Hard drives are securely wiped of all data and an appropriate version of the Mac OS is installed. If the machine can not be made to work (and we get some that just don’t want to work no matter what we do) we will take out any reusable parts including hard drives, memory, batteries, sometimes the power supplies and optical drives and send the hulk to Montgomery County’s Processing Facility and Transfer Station in Derwood (Gaithersburg), Maryland which is the closest county recycling center to us. Here’s a map.

Who pays for the parts and shipping?

In most cases, folks that MacRecycleClinic donates to come to our workspace at the Four Corners campus of Silver Spring United Methodist Church (formally Marvin Memorial United Methodist Church) (Four Corners/Silver Spring) to pick up their computers. But we have taken computers to people when that was the best solution.

We also work with volunteers who take computers to outlying areas of the Washington, D.C. area or Baltimore and beyond to deliver Macs or computers that will make up a Mac Lab. We honestly don’t ship parts very often but if we do, we usually ask for shipping costs if the recipient can afford it. Again, we have donated Macs around the world, but we are remain a group that focuses its work in the region around Silver Spring, MD.

Have other questions?

Send us a messge through the Contact Us page